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 # #
 +## Screensharing
 +Shift-click the video call button for 1:1 screen share.
 +## Slack-Bridge
 +What a lot people miss: invite the riot-bridge to the correct channel on the Slack side. 
 ## Proxy ## Proxy
-Create a riot.cmd file wherever you want with the following lines+ 
 +Create a ''riot.cmd'' file wherever you want where you add the following line
 <code>START "" "%LOCALAPPDATA%\riot\Riot.exe" --proxy-server=http://proxy:3128 <code>START "" "%LOCALAPPDATA%\riot\Riot.exe" --proxy-server=http://proxy:3128
 </code> </code>
 ## Multiprofile ## Multiprofile
-Create a two *.cmd files (ex. riot_profile1.cmd and riot_profile2.cmd) where you add the following line 
-    riot_profile1.cmd+Create a ''riot.cmd'' file wherever you want where you add the following line. 
 <code>START "" "%LOCALAPPDATA%\riot\Riot.exe" --profile=profile1 <code>START "" "%LOCALAPPDATA%\riot\Riot.exe" --profile=profile1
 </code> </code>
-    riot_profile2.cmd +Now you can start your original application with your original account and the riot.cmd with the new profile for testing purposes for example. 
-<code>START "" "%LOCALAPPDATA%\riot\Riot.exe" --profile=profile2 + 
-</code>+## Enter Dev-Tools 
 +To view errors and get an overview over network ''CTRL'' + ''SHIFT'' + ''I'' (Should work in general in Electron-Apps)