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Matrix projects

Various interesting matrix projects. Contact via and a lot of this rooms can be found via and the subspace “Non-chat Clients”.

Name Link Description Last Release Last Commit Rating Active
ocrcc-chatbox Embeddable Matrix Chatbox
Cactus Comments Cactus Comments is a federated comment system for the web, based on the Matrix protocol.
Journal A web client for writing news stories, personal blogs and more, built on the Matrix protocol.
Matrix CRDT Matrix-CRDT enables you to use Matrix as a backend for distributed, real-time collaborative web applications that sync automatically.
mycete A micro-blogging (twitter,mastodon) connector.
mjolnir A moderation tool for Matrix.
Matrix-Art Matrix Art is an experimental Devianart Fediverse version which tries to be close to Devianart.
Circles A secure social sharing app with a Matrix backend.
Gatho A event with integration to matrix.
Hummingbard Hummingbard is an experimental client for building decentralized communities on top of Matrix.
TheBoard A collaborative Whiteboard powered by the [Matrix] protocol and infrastructure.
Cerulean Cerulean is a highly experimental Matrix client intended to demonstrate the viability of freestyle public threaded conversations a la Twitter.
matrix-blog or A library to interact with a Matrix server in a way that treats it as a backend for a blog.
medienhaus/ a CMS, customizable modular free and open-source environment for decentralized, distributed communication and collaboration.
Matrix Wrench A small, static webapp for viewing and modifying room states.
Variate Server tool to replace a Synapse server with a Dendrite server without losing any data.
Nio Template A template for creating bots with matrix-nio.
Middleman Matrix bot to act as a middleman. Useful as a feedback bot or for support purposes.
synatainer Docker container with tools for synapse & postgres database maintenance
honorit A helpdesk bot. The main idea of that bot is to give you the same abilities as with website chats (like Intercom, jivosite, etc) inside the matrix.