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   * ''​user''​ is in this case ''​synapse_user''​   * ''​user''​ is in this case ''​synapse_user''​
-  * ''​Database''​ should be the above created db, example ''​"​databse:​ synpase"​''​+  * ''​Database''​ should be the above created db, example ''​synapse''​
   * ''​Host''​ is the postgre hostname, usally ''/​var/​run/​postgresql/''​ or ''​''​   * ''​Host''​ is the postgre hostname, usally ''/​var/​run/​postgresql/''​ or ''​''​
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 ### Migrating from SQlite to PostgreSQL ### Migrating from SQlite to PostgreSQL
-There is no need for this if you have nothing done yet with synapse, otherwise, please refer to https://​​matrix-org/​synapse/​blob/​master/​docs/​postgres.rst+Assuming you already followed step 6, there is no need for a migration. If you already used your Synapse and want to migrate, please refer to https://​​matrix-org/​synapse/​blob/​master/​docs/​
 ### Step 7 - Setup UFW Firewall ### Step 7 - Setup UFW Firewall